Welcome to Alpha Barbershop

Your image is, to a large extent, determined by the way your hair looks. That’s why it’s important to have your hair cut by a professional.

Due to a no-nonsense approach the prices at Alpha Barbershop are easy on the wallet. There are no surprises, you know who will be cutting your hair.

The services provided are: Haircut, Shampoo, Blow-dry, Beard Trim, Shave or just a Clean Up of sides and Shave of neck.

An appointment system is used to ensure an efficient service. However, outside busy times, customers may walk in and be seen without an appointment.

Price List 2021
Haircut € 27,50
Haircut with discount* (Tuesday to Friday) € 24,50
Shampoo (in combination with a haircut) € 3,90
Blow-dry (in combination with a haircut) € 3,90
Child's Haircut and Blow-dry (12y and under) € 24,50
Youth Haircut and Blow-dry (18y and under) € 27,50
Beard trim € 15,50
Hair product € 0,50
Lotion € 1,00
Clean up of sides and neck € 11,50
  • * Haircut with discount is for students (Tuesdays to Fridays only)
  • Payment via PIN/MAESTRO or CASH